Autoexec Files

Autoexec.cfg files in use as of 2012 by LMCTF players. Unzip in your "lmctf" folder, rename to "autoexec.cfg" and open with notepad to edit as needed.

Autoexec files optimized for r1q2 client and r1gl renderer:

( is optimized for better graphics and audio. OpenAL installation is required for sound:

Q2Pro config

Jab's autoexec has removed all keybindings from autoexec.cfg and just kept game settings and such. Also removed any sensitivity, resolution, fov, and monitor refresh rate settings.

hq.cfg is for watching demos
lq.cfg is for playing

autoexec.cfg defaults to hq settings on startup.

In some cases (where you may be using an old Q2 folder from backup), renaming the config.cfg and autoexec.cfg in your old lmctf folder to config.old and autoexec.old is a good failsafe and will let you try out the config files above or use them as a basis for your own customized autoexec.cfg optimized for the r1q2 client and r1gl renderer.

If you never play any other mods or 'vanilla' Quake2, you can also find the config.cfg in the BASEQ2 folder, delete everything inside, then save and make it read-only so that any previous settings do not interfere with your LMCTF setup. Also make sure baseq2 does not contain its own autoexec.cfg file.

To start Quake2 and automatically launch LMCTF, visit the Windows LMCTF Shortcut page.

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