Getting the files you need:

Quake 2

You will need the quake 2 game. The game is available on Steam for purchase. You can also download the demo and use an open-source engine to play. I have not verified this works, but many forum posts say it will.

R1Q2 and R1GL (included in complete zip below)

Download: R1Q2

There is an enhanced Quake 2 client that improves performance and stability on current machines called R1Q2. R1Q2 is an enhanced client/server for Quake II. Based on the id Software 3.21 source, rather than concentrate on fancy graphics, embedded MP3 players and other "gimmick" features, R1Q2 is focused on providing stability, security and speed whilst remaining fully compatible with existing mods and other clients.

  • Security Fixes
  • Stability Improvements
  • New Server-side Netcode Management
  • HTTP Downloads
  • Speed Increases
  • Separation of Renderer and Network
  • Full 3.20 Compatibility
  • Highly Configurable Server
  • Improved Server-side Anti-Cheat Measures

Download: R1GL

If you are looking for some visual improvements, I suggest downloading R1GL as well. This will allow you to play quake 2 in widescreen format. r1gl is an enhanced opengl renderer for Quake II. It is designed to be more of an "update" to id's existing ref_gl.dll than an entirely new client with all fancy gizmos and flashy technology. To this end, r1gl has a small feature set:

  • Support for 24/32 bit PNG, JPG and TGA textures and images up to 1024x1024
  • Anisotropic filtering support
  • Multisampling (Full Scene Anti Aliasing) support
  • Compatibility with any standard 3.2x client
  • Custom screen resolutions
  • Nicer dynamic lighting falloff, overbrights and other visual enhancements
  • Texture name caching and other minor speed improvements

Note that by default, most new features are disabled to preserve 3.2x compatibility.

Q2PRO client

Download: Q2PRO

Q2PRO is an enhanced Quake 2 client and server for Windows and Linux. Supported features include:

  • Fully rewritten OpenGL renderer optimized for stable FPS
  • Enhanced console command completion
  • Persistent and searchable console command history
  • Fully asynchronous client
  • ZIP packfiles (.pkz)
  • JPEG/PNG textures
  • MD3 models
  • Fast and secure HTTP downloads
  • Multichannel sound using OpenAL
  • Forward and backward seeking in demos
  • Recording from demos
  • Server side mutliview demos
  • Live game broadcasting capabilities
  • Variable server FPS
  • Sane error recovery and reporting

LMCTF files

Complete LMCTF Download (in one zip file - includes both r1q2 & r1gl with all the latest new LMCTF maps and pak files)


Manual Installation via separate individual files (original method prior to complete zip method above)

Download and install lmctf456.exe and lmctf50.exe along with all the maps. Individual files can be found here: LMCTF Downloads

R1Q2 and R1GL files should go in the parent quake2/ directory.

The lmctf files should be located in the quake2/lmctf/ directory. (Do not put them in quake2/baseq2/). The important files in the new lmctf folder are the pak files and the autoexec.cfg. (example autoexec-files)

  • pak4.pak - contains LMCTF content.
  • pak5.pak - contains lmctf01 to 10 maps.
  • pak6.pak - contains lmctf11 to 20 maps.
  • pak7.pak - contains lmctf21 to 30 maps and 5.0 content.
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