LMCTF01 - Meltdown

LMCTF01 - Meltdown

Author: Keith 'Vampire' Mercer

Size: Large

Summary: One of the more popular original maps, often used for matches in the early days of LMCTF. Was difficult for a flag-carrier to escape base with only one entrance to flag room. Two paths to middle, one above ground through the fort and one below ground in water through pipes. Quad and body armor in the middle, a large canyon-like area.


Entrance to flag room


Outside entrance to red base


Center area





Entity Quantity Entity Quantity
Bullets 8 Cells 8
Grenades 5 Rockets 8
Shells 8 Slugs 4
Doors 11 Deathmatch Spawns 10
Red Team Spawns 7 Blue Team Spawns 7
Body Armor 1 Combat Armor 2
Jacket Armor 2 Armor Shards 14
Megahealth 2 Large Health 16
Normal Health 8 Small Health 0
Chaingun 2 Grenade Launcher 3
Hyperblaster 1 Machinegun 4
Railgun 1 Rocket Launcher 2
Shotgun 0 Super Shotgun 4
BFG 0 Quad 1
Adrenaline 0 Bandolier 2
Backpack 0 Powershield/Powerscreen 0

Matches on this map

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