LMCTF09 - Twin Generators

LMCTF09 - Twin Generators

Author: Mark 'Shmitz' Major

Size: Small

Summary: One of the most popular maps ever in LMCTF. The lack of a quad and body armor made it popular on public servers and among clans looking for fast play that wasn't dominated by resource control in matches. Excellent layout also made for fun play.


Flag room


Outside entrance to red base


Center area





Entity Quantity Entity Quantity
Bullets 16 Cells 8
Grenades 10 Rockets 6
Shells 12 Slugs 3
Doors 11 Deathmatch Spawns 8
Red Team Spawns 7 Blue Team Spawns 7
Body Armor 0 Combat Armor 2
Jacket Armor 2 Armor Shards 34
Megahealth 0 Large Health 8
Normal Health 14 Small Health 26
Chaingun 2 Grenade Launcher 2
Hyperblaster 2 Machinegun 2
Railgun 2 Rocket Launcher 2
Shotgun 0 Super Shotgun 2
BFG 0 Quad 0
Adrenaline 0 Bandolier 0
Backpack 0 Powershield/Powerscreen 0

Matches on this map

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