LMCTF13 - Break the Ice

LMCTF13 - Break the Ice

Author: Mr. White

Size: Medium

Summary: A fast-paced map on the smaller side from Mr. White. Some breakable walls here featured in the ice sheet above the quad. A two-story base with high ceilings leads to some good battles. The basement provides another flag route under the middle section.


Flag room


Top of Red Base


Outside entrance to red base


Center area





Entity Quantity Entity Quantity
Bullets 8 Cells 8
Grenades 8 Rockets 8
Shells 8 Slugs 6
Doors 12 Deathmatch Spawns 10
Red Team Spawns 10 Blue Team Spawns 10
Body Armor 2 Combat Armor 2
Jacket Armor 2 Armor Shards 18
Megahealth 1 Large Health 4
Normal Health 16 Small Health 18
Chaingun 2 Grenade Launcher 2
Hyperblaster 2 Machinegun 2
Railgun 2 Rocket Launcher 2
Shotgun 0 Super Shotgun 2
BFG 0 Quad 1
Adrenaline 0 Bandolier 0
Backpack 0 Powershield/Powerscreen 0

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