LMCTF14 - Battle of Little Flag Run

LMCTF14 - Battle of Little Flag Run

Author: Phats of Dteam

Size: Small

Summary: A small map for lots of action. Small rooms and corridors take the railgun mostly out of action, which made this a favorite for HPB clans. The only LMCTF map that is not symmetrical. Like LMCTF09, contains no quad or body armor.


Red Flag room


Outside entrance to red base


Blue Flag Room


Outside Blue Base





Entity Quantity Entity Quantity
Bullets 17 Cells 0
Grenades 8 Rockets 11
Shells 19 Slugs 1
Doors 6 Deathmatch Spawns 7
Red Team Spawns 9 Blue Team Spawns 8
Body Armor 0 Combat Armor 2
Jacket Armor 2 Armor Shards 19
Megahealth 0 Large Health 2
Normal Health 9 Small Health 7
Chaingun 2 Grenade Launcher 2
Hyperblaster 0 Machinegun 2
Railgun 1 Rocket Launcher 2
Shotgun 4 Super Shotgun 3
BFG 0 Quad 0
Adrenaline 0 Bandolier 0
Backpack 0 Powershield/Powerscreen 0

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