Quad Timers

Quad Timers

Quad timers are generally 60-second wav files that are played whenever a quad has been taken. It will then countdown to the next instance of the quad appearing.

bind q "say_team [[QUAD]]; play_team _quad60"

The above bind prints out a message and plays the _quad60.wav file for all your teammates (provided they have that file)

Wav Files

You can place these files in the quake 2/lmctf/sound/radio/ directory.



Power shield timer

Red Armor Taken

Nataq's Timers

Those files will need to be renamed without the "(Nataq)" part. They have been done so they sound louder and better than the original SAC ones.

Quad timer

Armor (red or yellow) timer

Shield (power shield or power screen) timer

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