Team Members

LMCTF Mod Team


Jormungard, Surt, Hati, Batstone, Hati, Skwid, Roadhog, Vampire


Mr White, Vampire, Der Kommissar, Chrono Kid, Zugzug, Schmitz, Phats, Golney, Tesh, Suicide20, Shadowdane, Jivc, Zodiak

Models and Skins

Gooseman, Jormungard, Stecki

Textures, Graphics, Skies

Wicked, Brad Klann, Der Kommissar, Stecki, Grimlok, Mr White, Chrono Kid, Suicide20, Gooseman, Jivc, Shadowdane


Mr White, Der Kommissar

Add-on Pak Coordination

Der Kommissar, Ed Hunter, Grendel

Unix Ports

Michael Dwyer, Zoran Lasovski

IDDA code

Fabian Huester


Thanks to Chris Beemer, Sue Gardner, Aisling Sampson, Amy Turner, & Tara Williams for their voice recordings; to Clan Loki's Minions, DT, CBD, HeyMoe, NR, LM, 3C, IT and for the use of their machines for testing; to KnightMB (Michael Brown) and Intruder TVi for extensive independent testing and bug reports

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