XMAP01 - Bloody Waste

XMAP01 - Bloody Waste

Author: Forrest

Size: Small

Summary: Remake of Spill the Blood, a quake ctf map included in the level pak 2 from Threewave. Originally by Dale 'Midiguy' B. (CTF2M3 ). Has essentially the same dimensions of the original, which makes it feel a little cramped for quake 2. Quad in middle, rocket launcher in secret room in base. This map would be remade numerous times in many different games.


Flag room


Outside base


Center area





Entity Quantity Entity Quantity
Bullets 9 Cells 0
Grenades 11 Rockets 12
Shells 7 Slugs 5
Doors 22 Deathmatch Spawns 10
Red Team Spawns 8 Blue Team Spawns 8
Body Armor 2 Combat Armor 1
Jacket Armor 2 Armor Shards 20
Megahealth 0 Large Health 33
Normal Health 0 Small Health 0
Chaingun 1 Grenade Launcher 3
Hyperblaster 0 Machinegun 2
Railgun 1 Rocket Launcher 2
Shotgun 2 Super Shotgun 4
BFG 0 Quad 1
Adrenaline 0 Bandolier 0
Backpack 0 Powershield/Powerscreen 0

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