How to make youtube videos


I have been using kmquake2 to make the game look better with hi-res textures and improved effects. But you can use whatever version of quake2 that you want.

You will need two additional programs to videos.

1. Fraps - This is a shareware program, will cost money if you want the full version. The shareware only records 30 seconds I believe.

2. StaxRip - This is freeware, but you will probably need to download some additional software, such as ffmpeg and such. All are freeware except the DGIndexNV program. But you can disable that in the Tools->Settings->Demuxing tab.

Here is the procedure I do to create a video from a q2 demo.

  1. Start up Fraps, make sure that is running in background. I set the Video Capture settings to Full-Size and 30fps.
  2. Start up quake2 with "game lmctf" set. Run "demomap demoname.dm2" where demoname is the name of your demo. Hit F9 as soon as the demo loads, this starts the Fraps recording.
  3. When demo is complete, exit quake and open StaxRip.
  4. I used the Divx Plus settings and left everything else the same. Click on Source to find the Fraps video files (usually in c:\Fraps\Movies and named by program and timestamp). I selected Single or Merge (should join all your avi files together).
  5. The process takes two steps. One to demux and autocrop, another to audio encode, video encode(with x264) and mkv merge.
  6. Your new file should be in c:\Fraps\Movies and have a .mkv extension. Rename that to whatever you want and upload to Youtube.
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